I'm codeitfast.

I program.

Our Ideology

"Move fast and break things."
- Mark Zuckerberg

We believe that simple is better.

We believe that deadlines for projects make them better. We have a deadline of a week for a project, making the projects more genuine, and making us more efficient with time.

We believe that motivation and creativity come in waves. After a week or two after an idea, we notice that people no longer wish to make that project.

We believe that polished projects can make programming intimidating, as well. Showing the nuts and bolts of projects can help motivate others to make their own projects. All of our projects are open source. You can find them at replit.com/@codeitfast.

Some facts about your device:

Some projects I have made:

https://comb.codeitfast.xyz, https://runner.codeitfast.xyz, https://codeitfast.xyz

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